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The Reformer is a very versatile training device and is based on the original development by Joseph Pilates. It offers the possibility of both making movement sequences easier and making them significantly more difficult.

The device is therefore becoming more and more popular both in fitness training and in therapy!

In the Reformer training, we teach you knowledge about structured training planning in personal and group training as well as application strategies in fitness and rehabilitation. You will learn how to perform and effectively instruct the extensive repertoire of over 70 exercises and variations.

You will learn the necessary safety measures and contraindications as well as analysis techniques of posture and movement sequences with which you can optimise individual training plans. We give you many helpful didactic tips for optimal verbal and tactile cuing,

We explain examples of sport-specific training on the Reformer and how to plan lessons.

Lesson plan:

Gateway Reformer - In-Studio

Interactive basic course / principles of training / introduction to tactile instruction / equipment knowledge, lesson structure and planning, exercises level 1 / sequencing / before this course: online preparation on the platform.

PP Online video on platform

Dr Brent Anderson guides you through the exciting basics and provides background knowledge and the principles of the POLESTAR Pilates concept. Learn at your own pace in your favourite location. Basics / Anatomy / POLESTAR Pilates Principles

Reformer 2 - In-Studio

Focus: Differentiated guidance, exercises level 2-3, case studies, analysis techniques

Reformer 3 - In-Studio

Focus: Sport-specific training, level 4-5 transfer exercises, exam preparation


Exam - is included in the price, but must be booked individually. After your training, during which you will receive advice from the training team, you register for the exam in the office.

As Audit requirement a log-book must be kept in which your own practical and instructor practice hours (100) as well as observations (25) are noted. This log book, and thus your suitability for the examination, is checked by a mentor or instructor in a coaching session. More information on the LOG BOOK at FAQ.


If you would like to pay in installments or apply for an educational grant, please contact us at info@polestarpilates.de. We will be happy to help you!



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