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Course language: German, in France French, in Benelux English
Documents/Manuals: German, French, English

The POLESTAR Pilates Comprehensive training provides you with professional depth and quality in Pilates principles, teaching techniques and the entire comprehensive repertoire. Through this training you will be able to start your own Pilates studio or contribute to the success of an existing facility through your competent knowledge. POLESTAR graduates work in medical and fitness facilities around the world.

The curriculum is geared towards:

  1. The competent application of the POLESTAR Pilates principles to the exercises.
  2. The intensive experience of the Pilates exercises in your own body.
  3. Knowledge and strategies for targeted, individual assessment of problems and goals.
  4. The design of variable training profiles on all Pilates equipment.

Target group

  • Pilates trainers who would like to deepen their knowledge and scope,
  • Therapists
  • Movement teachers of other systems (yoga, fitness, dance etc.)
  • People who would like to practise Pilates professionally and use Pilates on equipment in a studio or practice, or who would like to run a studio themselves or set up their own.

Basic knowledge of anatomy and the Pilates method is required.


The 500-hour POLESTAR Comprehensive teacher training complies with the international guidelines of the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and the DPV (German Pilates Association), as well as many other European Pilates associations (Pilates Suisse, PVA, FPMP).

In addition to precise instructions and scientific principles, Pilates exercises are trained and analysed on all equipment (Cadillac, Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector) and on the mat. The learning of a lesson structure, a training unit, as well as the correct exercise selection are just as important as posture analysis and precautionary measures.

During your training, you will have access to the unique Polestar digital platform. Here you will find over 100 hours of video material on all exercises, lectures and case studies for the duration of your training. With this online-supported material, you can prepare and follow up the face-to-face lessons in a modern and effective way, learn at your own pace and thus optimally improve your individual learning curve.

The participants of the Comprehensive Series are examined as studio or rehabilitation trainers (S/R) at the end. They all go through the modules together and are trained through different analysis procedures and different, differentiated application of the material to their everyday professional life.

  • Participants who will graduate as studio teachers will receive the full repertoire of Pilates exercises and learn how to apply them in training.
  • Participants who have a basic education in the medical-therapeutic field and are health care professionals will graduate as rehabilitation trainers and learn the applications of the repertoire in therapy.

Successful completion of the Studio/Reha exam qualifies for the PMA certification exam. Exam fees are included in the price. However, the examination date must be booked individually. After your training, during which you will receive advice from the training team, you register for the exam at the office.

As a prerequisite for the examination, a log-book must be kept in which your own practical and instructor-led practice hours (200) as well as hospitations (40) are noted. This log book, and thus your suitability for the examination, is checked by a mentor or instructor in a coaching session. More information on the LOG BOOK under FAQ.

Lesson plan:

GATEWAY Intro to Comprehensive - Presence 2 days
Interactive basic course /introduction to equipment : benefits, safety / experiencing and understanding basic exercises on the equipment / posture and movement analysis / initial analysis procedures / online preparation before this course on the platform: Basics.

Polestar Principles - (Video online on the Polestar platform)
Dr. Brent Anderson guides you through the exciting basics and provides background knowledge and the principles of the POLESTAR Pilates concept. Learn as often as you like, as long as you are in training, at your own pace in your favourite place. Basics / Anatomy / POLESTAR Pilates Principles / Movement Analysis

Module 1 - interactive Zoom course 6 hours
In this course you will learn the first mat exercises of the training. You will receive individual feedback on execution and instruction.

Module 2- Presence 2 days
Focus: POLESTAR Pilates programme structure and sequence, analysis, planning, control, exercises Level 1-2

Module 3 - Presence 2 days
Focus: visual language, case studies, exercises Level 2

Module 4 - Presence 2 days
Focus: Touch - Tactile, differentiated instruction, case studies, exercises Level 2-3

Module 5 - Presence 2 days
Focus: Communication, training planning, case studies, exercises Level 3

Module 6 - Presence 2 days
Focus: Aspects of energetic medicine, exam preparation, case studies, exercises Level 3

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