Continuing education

Education and training in one hand

Your Pilates journey does not end with the exam. POLESTAR offers its graduates and graduates of any other training school a rich source of specific knowledge in the Advanced Courses!

Continue to grow professionally with us! Deepen and expand your knowledge with our POLESTAR advanced courses! POLESTAR offers a variety of opportunities to optimise your skills at all levels.

From small workshops with directly applicable impulses to deeper specialisations - the list is long, exciting and renewed every year ..." We present our content in PRESENCE courses (presence only) in ONLINE courses (video on demand and interactive Zoom courses) in HYBRID courses (choose whether you attend in presence or via Zoom and we offer courses where you start digitally and then end in presence).


In addition to our regular advanced courses, POLESTAR also invites internationally renowned Pilates protagonists or excellent professionals from other systems to special courses that enrich our work with special courses. Please always check our NEWS for the latest offers: