Training with internationally recognised certificate

The POLESTAR Pilates educations are designed to help you successfully pass your exam to become an internationally recognized Pilates professional! Together we will create a foundation that will enable you to teach in any Pilates studio, practice or rehab facility in the world and create effective, individualized training and therapy programs.

Our education series can be completed with a examination by POLESTAR International at the end of the training. The examination must be taken within one year of the official end of a series. This examination comprises a written part and a practical part and is usually held twice a year in selected cities.

The Polestar-International Audit Costs (for Mat or Reformer 150€ and for Comprehensive 300€) are included in your training package! 


LEUVEN, BE  24 August 2024

COLOGNE, DE + BASEL, CH  20-22 September 2024

PARIS, FR  28-29 September 2024

AMSTERDAM, NL (Mat)  26 October 2024

LEUVEN, BE (Comprehensive)  23-24 November 2024


COLOGNE, DE 07-09 March 2025

BASEL, CH  04-06 April 2025

PARIS, FR (Mat)  24 May 2025

LEUVEN, BE  21-22 June 2025

COLOGNE, DE 19-21 September 2025

PARIS, FR  27-28 September 2025

BASEL, CH  17-19 October 2025

LEUVEN, BE  29-30 November 2025


Your certificate from the USA is valid for life. In order to maintain a high standard of training, we expect our graduates to attend continuing education and professional development courses. Those who document their continuing education every 2 years (16 hours total - 70% POLESTAR, 30% other providers) and submit the requalification application attached below will be listed in the International Polestar Trainer Search as currently POLESTAR qualified.

Please fill out the application and send it including the requested documents to: info@polestarpilates.de