GATEWAY - Your first step!

Polestar's Gateway course is the ideal introduction to immerse yourself in the world of Pilates and the Polestar approach. We start practically! Over the course of a full weekend, we will explore together on-site various Pilates exercises as well as the theoretical, didactic understanding and Polestar Pilates principles that underpin them. You will gain a better understanding of your own movement strategies and acquire the practical skills to teach a beginner group class or beginner personal training.

The Gateway Weekend, along with the three-hour online theory portion, is the foundation and the first module of all of our training series! There are three variations: Gateway Mat, Gateway Reformer and Gateway Comprehensive. They can be booked individually or in combination with the respective training series. You already know that you want to participate in an entire series? Then find more information on the respective training pages.

Not sure yet? Or you want to try Pilates only as a supplement? No problem! Sign up first only for the gateway intro modules and see what awaits you in the training. We would fully credit the cost of the gateway module towards booking an entire series later! But beware: Our experience is that it is often very tempting to continue. If you decide later, you will forego our series early bird discounts of up to € 400, which apply to bookings up to two months before the start date - so do not hesitate and book now!