Cooperation partner

Our cooperation partners

Everything you need for your Pilates classes can be found here:
POLESTAR customers receive a discount on the purchase of large Pilates equipment and small products from Sissel and Medidor. Contact us and you will receive a special order form! Send us an email to: info@polestarpilates.de

Manufacture and distribution of innovative health products and complete Pilates studio and practice equipment.
The Sissel partner in Switzerland with a complete Pilates product range.
Partner in care. Hospidex offer solutions in specific areas of the health sector.
A holistic and drug-free therapy method with a wide range of applications.

Pilates meets therapy

What has long been standard practice internationally is also increasingly coming together in Germany. POLESTAR accompanies therapists from training to practice. POLESTAR trains therapists in cooperation with the following schools and associations:

Successful medical-therapeutic further education centre in Zurzach and Winterthur, Switzerland.
Döpfer Schulen - Training in health and social professions.
Federal Association of Independent Physiotherapists - IFK e.V.
Training Institute for Physiotherapists in Pontivy / Brittany - France

Pilates in rehabilitation

Leading rehabilitation centres use the Pilates method as part of their therapy and are trained by POLESTAR:

Your specialist for outpatient rehabilitation, prevention and sport in Gelsenkirchen. Pilates from rehab to elite sport (Kompetenzzentrum Tanzmedizin and Schalke 04).
The core company of one of the largest providers of rehabilitation in Germany (Inoges AG), focuses on Pilates in rehabilitation and prevention.
The St. Elisabeth Group has several clinics, rehabilitation centres and further education facilities.

Pilates meets science

POLESTAR and the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences jointly design scientific studies.