General terms and conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions very carefully

Student discount

Students only receive a discount of 20% of the package price on package bookings upon presentation of a valid student ID.

*POLESTAR Dollar $

Are credits for POLESTAR events that you receive by recommending our trainings to colleagues and friends and can redeem for POLESTAR advanced courses.

Payment methods - full price or monthly instalment

Students can pay for the course in two ways. They can make an advance payment of the total amount for the course immediately upon receipt of the invoice, or they can pay monthly according to a payment plan. The payment plan option is only available for package bookings. Ask us for the details.

Support for education in Germany

Your training at POLESTAR can be supported by funding from the Federal Republic or the federal states. Please contact us. We will help you further.

Deadlines and package rules

- For modules not attended within a period of 12 months of attending the GATEWAY course (For Mat, Reformer and Comprehensive trainings), fees (and fee structure) offered at registration may be subject to fee changes made in the meantime.

Discounts (only for series modules, not for advanced courses or exams)

If students register for a module that they have already attended, they will receive a 50% discount for this repeat course.

Cancellations, refunds and course changes - Courses and packages

  • - Cancellations can be made with a €30 administration fee up to 30 days before the course module. 50 % of the course fee will be charged for cancellations from day 29 to 16 before the course module. Later cancellations will be charged the full course fee. Cancellation free of charge at any time on presentation of a medical certificate.
  • No refund after completion of the first module of each series.
  • POLESTAR reserves the right to cancel or postpone planned courses - or to hold them completely online. Participants will be informed of this in good time. The booking of travel and hotels should wait until the official course confirmation. This will take place at the latest two weeks before the start of the course.


Students are responsible for satisfactory completion of the Student Log Book -including observation, Self Mastery, completion of lessons and assigned homework, and check-offs of exercises signed off by an authorised Educator or Mentor Polestar.

Students should attend all course modules in the correct order. Polestar Education has the discretion to allow students to change their training schedule. The missed module should be attended at the next available opportunity. Students may choose to book the missed module at another host location.

Students must be present for the full 16 hours of each course module to receive their certificate of attendance for the module. At the discretion of the Director of Polestar, students may be allowed to miss hours by prior arrangement.

Course / Exam dates

- All course modules in a series must be completed as originally planned, within 1 year of the date of the first course.

- The exam must be taken within 1 year of completing the last course module (Mat 2, Reformer 3, S/R 6).

- Registration for the examination should be made at least by the end of the registration period, which is published on the website.

- The exam and therefore the exam fee is part of the training package and does not have to be paid individually. However, each student must register his or her exam individually at the Polestar office in writing by email and send the final check off of the log book.

Admission requirements for the examination

- All modules of a series have been attended (16 hours per module), the last module of a series was not longer than one year ago.

- The required observation, self-mastery and guidance hours (see recommended hours) were carried out according to the log-book.

- Data has been appropriately and completely entered into the Student Log Book and signed off by a Polestar Educator or Authorised Mentor.

- All course fees and any instalments have been paid as agreed.

- Examination registration must be received in writing at the POLESTAR office by the deadline (see website) before the scheduled examination date.

- A copy of the final check off (last page log book) signed by a POLESTAR Educator or Mentor has been received by the deadline at the POLESTAR Germany Headquarters in Cologne.


Polestar graduates can renew their qualification every two years and must meet the following requirements:

1.- If the Comprehensive Graduate is Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified, the Polestar requalification of the studio or rehabilitation qualification is automatically maintained as long as the PMA certification remains valid. Graduates must provide Polestar with the appropriate proof.

2.- Polestar graduates who are not PMA certified are required to accumulate 16 Continuing Education Credits (CEC) every 2 years after obtaining the Polestar qualification. Polestar CEC are accumulated through participation in a Polestar event such as course, advanced course, workshop, seminar or event

Information and conditions on CEC activities are available on the website

Application for requalification is organised by Polestar Germany ( Application form along with all CEC attendance certificates with relevant qualification should be submitted to Polestar Cologne office at least 2 months before the qualification expiry date.

Disclaimer / Waiver

Polestar Education LLC, Polestar Germany and any personnel or organisations contracted by you accept no liability for loss of property or life, or for injury or inconvenience of any kind in connection with participation or intended participation, before, during or after a POLESTAR event. It is the duty of participants to ensure that they are of reasonable health and are able to provide the physical, mental and financial basis for the course of study. Anyone in doubt about this should contact and discuss the individual situation before registration.

Privacy protection

At Polestar Germany, we respect your right to privacy. Polestar Education LLC and its affiliates are deeply committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users. Below you will find information that underscores our support for the responsible use of consumer information.

Information you may volunteer

In some cases, you may voluntarily provide POLESTAR with personal information. This information may be sent to us in the form of an email, or may come from information in one of our response forms. Specifically, we may track and store the source of an order or registration, along with any information you provided with the submission. We keep this information private. If you have any further questions about Polestar Education's commitment to consumer privacy, please contact us at

Copyright / Discretion

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