The Pilates training with professional standards

Polestar Pilates International, the world leader in Pilates education and therapy, supports you in your professional success and personal development! As a specialist in sports science-based Pilates and rehabilitation training, Polestar offers training for professionals in the fields of therapy, fitness and prevention in over 30 countries, integrating both the original Pilates principles and the latest scientific findings and therapeutic approaches. Professional training supported by a multimodal online learning platform.

Polestar Pilates is recognised by all professional associations (German Pilates Association, Swiss Pilates Association, Pilates Association Austria , France FFMP, and worldwide by the Pilates Method Alliance-PMA).

Why POLESTAR Pilates?

POLESTAR Pilates means well-founded know-how and great appreciation of the original doctrine of Joseph and Clara Pilates - carefully and responsibly expanded to include contemporary training concepts and current findings in biomechanics, physiology and anatomy. POLESTAR is characterised by excellent Professional qualification, experience and expertise with international orientation. All instructors have a sound medical-therapeutic education and years of practice in their own therapy facilities and Pilates studios. POLESTAR means Teaching and learning at the highest level.

Interactive instead of frontal teaching - supported online by the international learning platformBy means of modern didactic concepts, the training path is holistically, successfully and individually designed. Adaptation instead of generalisation - in the POLESTAR trainings, levels of functional limitation, risks of injury and pathologies are recognised with the help of recognised concepts and the Polestar Pilates Screening. This makes it possible, Individual exercise programmes that optimally meet the needs of the clients or patients. In this way, training control as well as therapy and rehabilitation can be accompanied in a measurable form. Our interactive learning platform makes all exercises available in exact execution during training. Lectures and demonstrations of the learning content are thus conveniently and effectively accessible.

International instead of local - POLESTAR trainings are present in numerous countries in Europe, North and South America and Australia as well as Asia. As the curriculum is modular, training could therefore be continued in another location. POLESTAR's international presence also opens up fantastic opportunities for exchange and professional networking for our students. POLESTAR is a globally recognised partner.


Polestar International is a co-founder of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and the German Pilates Association (DPV) in Europe.

Dr Brent Anderson and Alexander Bohlander are known worldwide as speakers and authors. Alexander Bohlander, osteopath, physiotherapist and alternative practitioner, as owner of the Springs Köln health centres, is a role model in combining holistic therapy with intelligent training. With the founding of Polestar Europe in 2000, Pilates training began to spread throughout Europe. To this day, Brent Anderson, Alexander Bohlander and the team of instructors share an intense friendship and a close professional relationship.