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Polestar Pilates - the leading education provider in the dynamic Pilates world. Polestar offers a wide range of the Pilates method in all its applications: training, prevention, therapy. More than just exercises: A cohesive, coherent approach to health and fun, performance and career. An education which makes sense, with bodily work which brings quality of life.

Polestar Europe market leader for over 20 years and Polestar International ACTIVE for over 30 years!

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You want to do what you love? You don't just want to learn exercises, but really understand how to optimise the movement quality of each person individually? Become part of a world-leading Pilates teacher training programme

Profit from the most modern digitally supported training and first-class instructors and follow the more than 35,000 professionally trained Pilates teachers internationally. since 1992.