Relax More - Stress Less (Live-Online)


Interactive live online course: Boost your learning curve and take part from your favourite place!

For anyone interested in relaxation, stress management and meditation.

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Slowing down and self-awareness through mindfulness, breathing and mediation!

This live online workshop is aimed at all trainers who are interested in the topics of relaxation, stress management and meditation. Stress management and meditation. We will experiment with Pilates exercises using natural breath and conscious awareness. Guided body journeys and meditation. You will take exercises and instructions for direct implementation in your everyday life and classes.

Meet with your instructor Marion Röhrig in two interactive live online meetings. After the 1st session, you will practise the exercises you have learnt and deepen them in an attempt to incorporate them into your daily routine and experience lasting relaxation. You will also complete a few tasks in preparation for the 2nd session.

Course language: German
Documents/Manuals: German


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