Neuroathletics ABC, with Alexander Bohlander (Video-Online)


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Instructor: Alexander Bohlander
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Polestar CECs: 2

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In this online video course you will learn about the importance of the new field of neuroathletics for training and movement!

Neuroathletics training is a new type of training. Unlike conventional training, the focus is not on the outcome, i.e. strength, fitness or similar, but on the input for the brain. It tries to optimise the perceptions and information that are sent to the brain before movement occurs. This ultimately improves the outcome and makes training and therapy more effective.

In this workshop you will learn some of the tests and exercises to optimise the perception of the eyes, the balance system and other systems. Find your individual exercises and learn to test your clients.

Get instant personalised access to our online content: Increase your learning curve and learn at your own pace! This workshop is a live recording of the POLESTAR-DPV Pilates Day in Cologne on 28 October 2023.

Level: Intermediate
Course language: German


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