Gateway Intro to Reformer


In-Studio classroom course
Polestar CECs: 16

The Gateway Intro to Reformer course is also integrated as the first module in our POLESTAR Pilates Reformer training. If you would like to book the reformer training, please select your preferred series on our Training page off!

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Course language: German, in France French, in Benelux English
Documents/Manuals: German, French, English

Gateway Reformer - the perfect introduction to the Pilates method on the apparatus.

Gateway Pilates is an introduction to both the Pilates method in general and the POLESTAR concept in particular. Gateway Pilates is an ideal introduction if you want to deepen your Pilates experience, for example after a mat training, or if you want to start a career as a Pilates trainer from scratch and are fascinated by equipment training.

Your course starts with online training at home and then moves into a two-day In-Studio-Course. You will gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates method, learn POLESTAR principles and basic exercises on the Reformer and improve your instruction techniques with your experienced POLESTAR instructor.

After this course you will be able to:

- First impressions of the Polestar movement concept & the Pilates method in your everyday life and to perform and guide the first exercises.
- Identify and apply the basic concepts to each Pilates Reformer exercise.
- carry out the correct set-up and safety measures for the reformer
- identify the most common objectives and precautions for the exercises learnt.
- First skill to use to change frequently faulty movement patterns.


When booking a complete POLESTAR REFORMER series, this course is integrated as the first module. To book an entire REFORMER series, please search for your desired series and follow the booking recommendations there.

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- April 2024, - May 2024, - September 2024


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