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This online workshop will provide you with the holistic and scientifically sound expertise you need to train and treat spinal complaints in a targeted manner!

Holistic integration means recognising and addressing all body systems. In addition to the musculoskeletal system, we also recognise other structures such as fascia, the organ and nervous system and others. Learn to incorporate these into your training or treatments in a meaningful way.

In this 4.5-hour online course, osteopath and physiotherapist ANDREAS WELLHÖFER presents the current research situation in a clear way and surprises you with some new findings! These findings are usefully supplemented with practical examples.

Get instant personalised access to our online content: Accelerate your learning curve and learn at your own pace! View the content as often as you like for 1 year. If you would like to gain more practical experience, you can Classroom course: "The spine - a holistic approach" book in addition.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Course language: German
Course materials: German


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