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Polestar presents the brand new course "POLESTAR Pilates meets SPINEFITTER by SISSEL®". Get to know the globally acclaimed small device in a new innovative form and learn how you can use it effectively and purposefully in your Pilates classes and Pilates-based therapy.

Use the online registration and start IMMEDIATELY!

You will receive access to the specially produced online course on the POLESTAR Pilates Learning Platform directly after registration! SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® developer, POLESTAR trainer and osteopath NINA METTERNICH explains together with POLESTAR Pilates Europe founder ALEXANDER BOHLANDER Pilates-based exercises with the SPINEFITTER on the mat and the connection to the Pilates equipment.

On the platform you will find further useful videos, an exciting quiz and an extensive detailed manual.

Experience the fascinating variety and effectiveness of the SPINEFITTER and how you can use it as a Pilates trainer in your field of activity! Individual case studies from therapy will also be discussed. In combination with the POLESTAR Pilates principles, the SPINEFITTER is a universally applicable and useful tool that specifically mobilises, loosens and stabilises.

In a second 3-hour live-stream part you practice and deepen what you have seen on the platform! For this live-stream part you should have access to the Pilates equipment.

Take this great opportunity to enrich your Pilates classes and therapy with the SPINEFITTER! We look forward to seeing you!