OOV - Pilates Small Equipment Training Part 2


04-05 November 2023

POLESTAR Partner Studio SPRINGS, Cologne, Germany


Have you already had experience with POLESTAR or other suppliers with this unique Pilates small device? collected? You find it indispensable for your training and teaching and have experienced how quickly the OOV creates a balanced body through spontaneous and natural movements?

Get to know the OOV and its possibilities in therapy and training even better in this two-day advanced course! Learn how to use it effective as an extension of mat and equipment exercises and get exciting ideas and inspiration for your individual and varied training. Muscle and joint chains are convincingly changed by the OOV with neurophysiological impulses - Sfeel how sustainable a new functional orientation is emerging!

Course language: German
Documents/Manuals: English with partial German translation
CECs/UE: 16 units

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