Gait analysis (live online)


Interactive live online course + video analyses: Increase your learning curve and take part from your favourite place!

Learn something about your own walking by analysing videos.

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In this interactive live online course, the complex interrelationships of human gait are examined and explained!

During three 2-3 hour live online meetings, we will explore these connections and apply them to Pilates exercises. Video analyses will make possible changes directly visible.

The course includes live demonstrations and case studies. Topics include:

    • Muscle and joint chains of the gait
    • Interactions with the spine and other systems
    • Dynamic alignment in progress
    • Two mat classes for gait training

This course is presented to you in three interactive live online parts. After this course you will be able to understand and change your gait as an expression of individual movement patterns. Training effects can be optimised through an efficient gait and persistent, pain-free walking.

Level: Intermediate
Requirements: Send us a short recording of your own barefoot run. Simply use your mobile phone to record yourself walking up and down a distance of 10 metres twice. Your feet, legs and pelvis should be clearly visible.

Course language: German
Documents/Videos: German


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