Disease patterns of the extremities with Andreas Lücke


In-Studio classroom course, with online video support
Polestar CECs: 16

Part 1: Online materials and videos immediately after receipt of your payment!
Part 2: 8-hour meeting live in the studio!

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Learn how to effectively help your clients and patients with upper/lower extremity major joint problems in this online assisted course!

After registering, you will receive immediate access to the online theoretical basics! On a subsequent practical day, you will then learn about the practical aspects with lots of helpful tips for the everyday adaptation of Pilates exercises for this frequently present clientele.

Your experienced instructor will show you the mechanisms of overloading, injury and rehabilitation of the structures of the upper and lower extremities.

  • Part 1 online video, can be completed at any time, learn at your own pace!
    Online introduction to the anatomical, physiological and pathological principles of the upper and lower extremities:
    • Anatomy and pathologies of the shoulder & hips
    • Anatomy and pathologies of the elbow & knee joints
    • Anatomy and pathology of the wrists & ankles
    • Case studies and exercise plans
  • Part 2 8-hour in-studio classroom course
    Live demonstration and case studies. Topics include:
    • Disease-specific Pilates exercise and course plan development
    • Tests and application experience
    • Demonstration of tactile and verbal instructions for correct execution
    • Variations, regressions and progressions of Pilates exercises
    • Discussion of case studies

About the trainer:

Andreas Lücke is a senior educator for Polestar, therapist and osteopath with his own Pilates studio and osteopathy practice in Frankfurt.

Level: Intermediate to advanced

Course language: German - German online videos
Documents/Manuals: German, English


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