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Polestar Pilates Europe PREMIERE: The Polestar Pilates Critical Reasoning Course with Dr Brent Anderson - Recognise, understand, act!

Following the publication of the new textbook "Movement Principles", the Master Course is coming to Europe! A unique event at Polestar Europe HQ in Cologne, Germany

Course overview:

Polestar's Critical Reasoning Course is an innovative two-day, 16-hour program designed for health professionals and experienced Pilates instructors. This course has been developed by Brent Anderson to enhance the ability of practitioners to develop and evaluate tailored Pilates exercise programs for their clients and patients.

Teaching method:

Our engaging course format combines informative lectures, interactive demonstrations and hands-on exercises to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Main learning objectives:

  • Proficiency in the Polestar principles: In-depth understanding and application of Polestar movement principles to diagnose and address movement restrictions.
  • Critical Reasoning in Treatment Design: Employ a critical reasoning model within the Polestar framework to prioritize treatment strategies.
  • Proficiency in Functional Assessment: Become adept in using the Polestar Assessment Tool (PAT) for functional movement evaluation.
  • Staging and Prognosis: Familiarize with the Polestar model for staging rehabilitation and forecasting outcomes.
  • ICF Model Integration: Understand and apply the ICF model, considering various factors impacting clients' lives and wellbeing, highlighting the need for a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Understanding Rehabilitation Stages: Gain insights into Porterfield and DeRosa’s Stages of Rehabilitation.
  • Scope of Practice for Pilates Teachers: Learn to assess clients, design and adjust exercise plans based on ongoing evaluations.
  • Designing Optimal Interventions: Utilize the Polestar Critical Reasoning model to craft effective Pilates interventions and establish clear outcome measures.
  • Client Involvement and Wellness Promotion: Emphasize client participation in all phases of assessment, intervention, and outcome evaluation, fostering health and wellness as per Pilates philosophy.

This course emphasizes the synergistic use of the PAT and ICF model to guide patients and clients on the most effective path to achieving their health goals and reclaiming the lifestyle they desire.

Join this transformative course with Dr Brent Anderson now and reach the next level of the Pilates method with Polestar!

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